How Cycloop tracker works

  1. 1
    Cycloop GPS tracker on bicycle

    Install the anti-theft system on your bicycle

    Install the Cycloop tracker on the seat tube of your bike. It mounts via special lock mechanism and cannot be easily removed. Cycloop is damage resistant and will alert you if it is tampered with.
  2. 2
    Cycloop App and Key Fob

    Arm and disarm the anti-theft system with the Key Fob

    When Cycloop detects the Key fob in its proximity, it will automatically disarm. As soon as you leave your bicycle behind, the Cycloop anti-theft GPS system will arm automatically.
  3. 3
    Cycloop Key Fob and Monimoto APP

    See alerts and location tracking

    When bicycle moves without the Key Fob in proximity you’ll receive a phone call and will be able to track it’s location on the mobile app.

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